Jan. 2018

I first met Justine 21 years ago when we worked at a restaurant in the Marina during our “figuring life out" years. Later on, I was happy to hear from her when she hired me to help with her master bathroom, bedroom, office, and closet remodel. I arrived at our home call appointment and asked her if she was open to updating her bedroom furniture and bedding. She was up to my suggestions.

Construction was planned for the following month and their contractor was working on plans for their remodel. Justine and I immediately developed a collaborative board of ideas on Pinterest. Between both of our schedules, we would text ideas or send pins late into the night. Soon after we met at the slab yard to choose the master bathroom countertops. Justine selected a particular countertop that was a surprise to me based on what we had discussed. It was gorgeous and I knew it was going to begin the color palette for the bathroom and adjacent rooms. I asked both Justine and her husband, Randy, if they could handle the quartzite slab in the entire shower (including ceiling). After a few minutes, they agreed and loved the idea. Knowing Justine, I felt the space could use a little drama. 

From this point, it was time to select flooring, backsplash, lighting, and paint. I wanted to give this couple the dramatic, refined, and elegant bedroom that was being conveyed in the bathroom. 

Justine and Randy were excited to see the custom bedding, beautiful “adult” quality furniture, and accents that I chose for them. I let them know in our presentation that they were professionals who work & play hard and their space was going to reflect that. 

When discussing backsplash, they thought I had pretty much lost it when I suggested the glass tile go floor to ceiling behind the free-standing tub and two vanities. It took some convincing, but my eye felt the wall required it since the dramatic shower would be entirely quartzite. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I could visualize it, and they took the leap of faith to trust my judgement. 

I was more then happy to help them with the smallest of details. From the profile of the box spring to the ceiling accent wall, and from the "girly" walk-in closet to the throw blanket on their bed.

It’s clients like this that make my work meaningful. It’s their favorite space in the house, and that’s my goal every time!



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