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What's In Your Closet?

A faithful friend and follower asked me for tips on "how to choose finishes for a project." Where do we begin, I thought? Well, after a lot of consideration, I dove deep into the CLOSET. If you want to know what your interior design style leans toward, look at the colors in your wardrobe. You will find the color that can easily become the accent in a room, or even the main color when it comes to selecting tile for a powder bathroom.

In recent years, it's been refreshing to add gold tones to offer a variety when dressing up the crisp white button up shirt. If you are predominately wearing gold, you might consider bringing it into your home as an accent. We've seen the uprise of gold and copper in an array of their own finishes. Are you ready to introduce it in drawer hardware, faucets, lighting etc...? You can introduce the movement of finishes as accents, like the Linden Table Lamp by @kellywearstler shown below. This darling and funky lamp pops against the perfect shade of pink on the wall. Thank you @meganmolten interior design studio and photo by @margaret.wright. If you are selecting faucets for a bathroom you do not plan to remodel in the next 10 years, I suggest using a more classic finish of your preference. In a most recent bathroom remodel, I selected brushed nickel. Grohe plumbing fixtures has the most beautiful finish of brushed nickel. The undertones are strikingly warm offering what I consider, the perfect balance tones.

All considered, if you want your space to evoke total happiness for your style, your budget and you're not selling your home in the next 5 years, I suggest selecting finishes to your liking. Not everyone will like your taste, or even mine. Design style is subjective and will only appeal to many with a more "Transitional" look. How long you will love a turquoise tile on the shower wall? If you're not designing the shower for the next few years, go for it! If you want to choose finishes for the long haul, you must select a neutral palette. #timelessdesign

PRO-TIP take-a-ways to help make selections for you projects:

-take inventory on your wardrobe. Main color scheme? Patterns you love or you tend to stay away from? What color complements your favorite color?

-how long are you designing this space? Short term, long term, I don't care or I want to design to sell? Design accordingly. In every project, there is a time and space for conservation or pushing the envelope.

-how much have you allotted to change this space(s)? Being honest with yourself, your designer and all decision makers in the scenario will only bring your project to life! That dreamy Pinterest board will only take you so far.

-what truly inspires you? What makes you feel alive? I love the natural colors found in nature. A photograph that I take can offer a jumping off point to my dreamy master bedroom retreat. Do you love the movies? What's the era and setting of your favorite film? Favorite inspiring designers on social media that evoke creative feelings or peaceful vignettes?

-what do you currently have that you love? Maybe its a purse or a piece of jewelry. Is it a picture found in a coffee table book, a portrait, a heirloom, pillow, vase, etc...start somewhere. Select the colors that can be used with that item. It is difficult for some to understand, but it is far easier to choose your wall paint last after every single finish has been chosen. The colors for walls is absolutely never ending. The color for broadloom (wall to wall) carpet is a select few. If you are in the position, choose wall paint last.

-In the end, hire a professional if needed. I've been hired for quick consultation, project development, project planning, managing and the whole enchilada. If you are not sure about your selections, reach out. I work with all budgets and design styles. A complementary phone consultation will help answer your questions about the process.

I look forward to hearing about your projects as they develop! I would love for you to tag me if my PRO-TIPS aid in your design development. It would mean so much if you comment, share and like this post! My greatest satisfaction of my work has always been helping my client. If I can broaden that audience, and offer my design advice from fifteen years in the field, my job is complete!

until next week, friends!

Xo, Amy

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